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  • How do I contact L'ATELIER BESPOKE?

    Please use this form to contact us.

    Hours of business:
    Monday – Friday: 9am to 8pm (GMT+7)
    Saturday: 9:30am to 3pm (GMT+7)
    Sunday: Closed

    Can I visit your atelier to have a look?

    Our atelier is private and closed to the public. Though our updates are available at:





    Do you provide wholesale accounts?

    In addition to our online store, L’ATELIER BESPOKE is sold through an exclusive selection of boutiques. For all enquiries regarding our Wholesale business, please contact us using this form.

    Do you provide corporate gift and private label services?

    L’ATELIER BESPOKE’s Corporate Gift and Private Label services offer the ultimate bespoke experience. Our team is dedicated to upholding the discretion and expertise of our craft. We will be delighted to listen to your brief and tailor your order to suit your identity and budget requirements. For further details, please contact us here.

  • Can I rush the order process for a faster delivery of my items?

    We do not offer rush orders. Our Order Fulfillment process involves the design, material selection, production and finishing of your order in a time frame that allows us to ensure that the final good is finely crafted.

    If I order multiple items on different days, can they be processed on a single order schedule?

    We encourage you to place a single order for items that you’d like shipped together. Every order with bespoke items is fulfilled alongside a schedule that is provided upon order placement. If bespoke items are ordered on different days, they will be processed with unique order schedules and shipped together at best; we will do our best to coordinate separate orders but cannot guarantee the same completion date.

    Can I change my order once I’ve placed it?

    It’s ideal to make final selections for your leather good when placing an order through our website. Once an order is placed, change fees apply to specified adjustments made to your design and/or material selections at various stages throughout your Order Fulfillment process. Please review these guidelines within our terms and conditions listed on our Process page.

    Will there be Custom and Duties charges?

    As the recipient, you are required to pay all importation taxes, custom duties and local sale taxes imposed by the country in which you receive the goods. The fee is needed so your order can be cleared.

    Do I need an account to place an order?

    You need an account to complete a purchase and you will be able to enjoy the following benefits through your L’ATELIER BESPOKE account:

    Gain access to your Wish List
    Save your address and card details for faster shopping
    Manage your account details, order history and email preferences and see order status
    Preview your actual order before delivery

  • When can I expect to receive my order?

    An estimated turnaround time is listed on each individual item page. A specific schedule will be worked out based on your order details and will be confirmed on invoice once your order is placed. Shipping times vary depending on your location.

    What is your method of delivery and will my order need to be signed for?

    All purchases will be shipped and processed via national postal service or UPS. Your signature is required if you opt for Express Mail or UPS Express Saver.

    Standard Mail — 10 to 15 working days

    Express Mail — 4 to 7 working days

    UPS Express Saver — 1 to 3 working days

    How can I track my order?

    Tracking your L’ATELIER BESPOKE order is easy!

    You can view your order status here or log in your account.

    How much does delivery cost?

    Shipping fee is calculated at checkout determined by the quantity, weight, and package size of your order. We offer the following services:

    Standard Mail — 10 to 15 working days

    Express Mail — 4 to 7 working days

    UPS Express Saver — 1 to 3 working days

  • Can I customise the leather product?

    Minor customisation to our collection typically includes measurements fitting, adding or removing pockets, straps, handles and allowing you to pick a leather and hardware of your choice. We can also consult on the option of leather for your bespoke piece. To exclusively personalise your item, we provide an embossing service of your initials as well.

    Do you offer custom designs aside from what’s available through your website?

    As most of our goods are made individually by hand, commissioning of a special item is part of our normal work – learn more at Private Bespoke Commission.

  • What payment methods can I use?

    We accept payments directly through Paypal, a highly secure and encrypted checkout process. You may use your all major credit cards to make payments through Paypal and you don’t need to have an account with them to pay using your credit or debit card. Paypal processes the transactions so we never have access to your card details. It is 100% secure and safe.

    If you run into any trouble or have any questions about PayPal, please contact PayPal directly.

    PayPal’s phone numbers are: 1-888-221-1161 (US), 1-402-935-2050 (if calling from outside the US).

    Website Security

    To help ensure that your shopping experience is safe, simple and secure L’ATELIER BESPOKE uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This encrypts and protects the data you send to us over the internet. If SSL is enabled then you will see a padlock at the top of your browser and you can click on this to find out information about the SSL digital certificate registration.

    You will also notice that when you look at the location (URL) field at the top of the browser you will see it begin with ‘https:’ instead of the normal ‘http:’. This means that you are in secure mode.

  • What is your returns policy?

    Because many hours of manual labor and various steps and processes are involved in creating your item, delays with packages clearing customs, and the added expense in shipping orders internationally back and forth, all sales are final. Please choose carefully. We do not honour refunds or exchanges on all of our items unless the good is damaged or shipped mistakenly.

    When placing an order, please make sure you ask questions as all our goods are made to order.

    We will never send you anything that is less than perfect as we take pride in our work. Rest assured, if for some reason your item arrives damaged or there is some major issue on our part, we will remedy the situation. We guarantee it. Further, we have done our best to make sure that the colour you see on your screen is similar to that of the product you will be receiving. However, please keep in mind that due to the fact that colours can vary from monitor to monitor, we cannot guarantee that you will be receiving the exact colour you are seeing on your screen. If you question a colour , give us a shout before you order so we can give you a better idea of it.

    We are not responsible for any damage(s) that may occur to your strap, watch, mobile device and accessory as a result of negligent installation and usage.

    Can I cancel my order?

    No. It is unnecessarily costly and time consuming for us to make changes, cancel an order and issue refunds. We kindly suggest that you choose your good carefully before confirming your order.

  • What is personalisation?

    At L’ATELIER BESPOKE , we offer gold, silver and blind embossing for initials and custom text personalisation. Gold and silver embossing is a traditional method of personalising leather goods, using techniques and equipment that date back over 120 years. We offers a selection of sizes and typefaces which can be gold, silver or blind embossed onto a small, flat leather surface. Our artisans will hand-set the brass characters in proportion to the product and the leather’s grain, assemble them with meticulous care to ensure that the spacing is perfectly even, and lock them into the heated plate of the embossing press. A sheet of gold or silver foil is placed beneath the plate and a trial impression is made on a piece of card to ensure it is correct, before the position is set and the product fixed firmly in place. The text is then embossed directly onto the leather, with a second layer of foil applied if necessary.

    What can I have personalised?

    Most of our leather goods can be personalised by gold, silver or blind embossing. Every item that can be personalised will be indicated as such on at the point of selection. For an additional cost, we can also produce a customer’s own artwork or logo.

    For further assistance, please contact us using this form.

    Hours of business:
    Monday-Friday: 9am to 8pm (GMT+7)
    Saturday: 9:30am to 3pm (GMT+7)
    Sunday: Closed

    Can I use my own design?

    Our service strives to meet your needs and requests at all times. The embossing of personal designs and drawings is a service we are able to provide, however this is dependent upon the quality of the artwork and suitability of the image for embossing. This service can take up to 14 working days from the date of approval. Quotes are available upon request.

    For further assistance, please contact us using this form.

    Hours of business:
    Monday-Friday: 9am to 8pm (GMT+7)
    Saturday: 9:30am to 3pm (GMT+7)
    Sunday: Closed

    How long does it take and how much does it cost?

    For our personalisation service, please ensure that you allow an additional 3 working days for any item to be embossed. Using our best expertise, we will style the personalised embossing in the most appropriate design and format for the item.

    Can I return an item that is personalised?

    Once an item has been personalised, we are unable to offer a refund or exchange. Please see our Return and Cancellation Policy for more details.

  • L’ATELIER BESPOKE is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its operations. We recognise that by integrating sound environmental practices into all aspects of our business, we can offer beautiful, products of the highest quality whilst conserving and enhancing resources for future generations. At a minimum, we uphold its obligation to comply with all legislation, regulations and local laws regarding protection of the environment.

  • All of our leathers are tanned with aniline finish – method which is considered to be the most luxurious and are reserved exclusively for the highest quality products. As the most natural of all tanning processes, they involve as few chemicals as possible to ensure that the natural grain and DNA of the leather is not compromised. The more naked the product’s finish, the more demanding it is of the very finest, flawless skins. As this leaves the leather’s surface more vulnerable to potential scuffing or marking, however, it also demands a greater level of care and upkeep. Due to the balance of materials and processes involved, detailing such as edge-painting is not completely resistant to damage and can very occasionally be susceptible to sudden or prolonged atmospheric changes such as temperature and humidity. Each individual hide is unique, and while we consider this to be a part of the beauty of working with this most organic of materials, it also means that natural blemishes can sometimes occur. Due to the high quality of leathers used, there may be signs of veining, wrinkling or colour nuances in their grain. These are all characteristics consistent with a genuine raw material; they are not imperfections but rather subtle evidence of the leathers’ purity.


    We recommends cleaning the leather exterior of your item with a soft cloth and warm, mild soapy water. Ensure that the cloth is thoroughly wrung out so it feels very slightly damp, and gently wipe the surface of the leather. Repeat using clean water.


    When not in use, we recommend storing your leather item in a cool, dry environment.


    Do not leave your leather products in prolonged sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or other high intensity sources of light can lead to irreversible discolouring, fading and deformation of the leather.
    Do not expose to wet, damp or humid conditions or high temperatures.Water can be harmful if it penetrates the leather and can lead to the appearance of bubbles or marks which cannot be removed. Never soak the leather nor apply detergents and do not wash the fabric lining. Refrain from ‘feeding’ the leather with products such as waxes, polishes or saddle soaps. This may leave the surface of the leather sticky, attracting dirt and causing irreversible damage.

    Suede & Nubuck

    Suede and nubuck finish are more absorbing than normal finish. Therefore, it is more fragile. To maintain it brush it regularly with a smooth brush (better of it is made of horsehair).

    Both acquire a patina over time and becomes brighter. Moreover, the colours could slightly rub off. In case your suede or nubuck finish good got wet, lay it out to dry on a flat surface, out of direct light. And do not display it next to a heating source.